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About Us

Goods and Goats Market was created by my husband, James Jones and me, Lani Jones. We met in 1987 a few weeks after high school graduation. He was a bushy headed surfer boy and I was, well, unlike any girl he had ever met. A real ranch girl right here in San Juan Capistrano all this time! Much to my horseman-rancher fathers discomfort, we married just over a year later. We have 4 daughters, all artists and 3 grandchildren, who own our hearts completely. James always wanted to try his hand at ranching. Unfortunately my Dad, Morey Leavitt Senior, passed away at the age of 51 in 1995. James saw his chance when my step mom put our land on the market 10 years later. It was about an acre of dirt and covered in junk. James bought it and had no time for it. It sat relatively empty for 10 years. Then we heard the magic words, your going to be Grandparents! It was time to make our dream come true.  James started building, Lani started directing. we started building a mini ranch/farm for our grandkids to experience the joy of animals, gardening, collecting eggs, and most of all, BABY GOATS! All that you see at the farm was conceived by our artistic souls. Truth be told, he wanted cattle like my dad, but 1 acre is not enough for cows! Thats when I introduced him to the love of goats! Where did the Goat Yoga come from? James and our daughter, Grace saw it on YouTube and urged me to marry my loves of yoga and goats. Plus, the goats could actually pay for themselves. Well, it was instant magic. My goats are super crazy for yoga. It was an all WIN situation. I finally found an outlet for my talents. My ability to nurture animals, people, my Doctorate Degree in Shopping, (self taught) and my SUPER TALENT to create fun have found a home. I have found my purpose in my second half of life, to Create Bliss! Please come join us and find your inner BLISS.

Warmly, Lani


Goods and Goats Market makes for the perfect venue for any private event— birthday parties, corporate retreats, and much more. We’re happy to tailor the experience to meet your group’s specific needs. 
No visit to Goods and Goats Market is complete without a stop in our artisanal GG Soap Shop. We specialize in high-quality soaps, candles, and bath products, organic goat milk soap, and farm fresh produce.
Sign up to be a vendor and sell your handmade art at one of our markets! 
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