Goat Yoga, Yoga Classes, and Events

  • The BLISS Infusion we all need!

    Thu, Sat, Sun

    45 min

    35 US dollars
  • Have an unforgettable night, sunset couples date night yoga.

    50 US dollars
  • Want Goats But Not Yoga?


    2 hr

    50 US dollars
  • Bring your favorite 8 year or under child to share your Goat!


    2 hr

    25 US dollars
  • Enjoy the farm, pet, play, and cuddle the goats.

    Tuesday, Thursday

    3 hr

    10 US dollars


PLEASE NOTE! Wear a thick shirt that covers your back and shoulders!


Mats are available for rent for $5. These are limited so book ahead online or bring your own.


To participate in outdoor yoga or goat yoga please print and sign our release form. While checking out it is mandatory to read it and agree to our terms and conditions. Please note minors must have parent or guardian sign release form to participate.

Class Descriptions

Goat Yoga: This class is for all levels. Prior yoga experience is not necessary. Our little yoga goats are experts! Goats Love Goat Yoga! If FUN is what you need and animals are one of your great loves, then Goat Yoga is for you. Think a slow flow-Yin yoga with crazy little athlete goats jumping all over you. Don't worry about the goats, its their favorite thing to do. This is a natural behavior encouraged by praise and treats. Please note, no goats are forced or required to participate. They want to play Goat Yoga and do so by choice. Your safety and that of our furry kids are our priority. Please wear clothing that covers your back and shoulders. Bring your mat or rent one for $5.  Smiles Guaranteed!

Date Night Yin-Yoga: We all need some Date Night Fun! Couples of all kinds, romantic, friends, family, any type of couples are welcome. We work together learning to rely on our partner to move through these poses using counter balance and the weight of our bodies. This is not a super challenging class, but it's a lot of fun. Take a moment to quiet your mind, stretch your body,  connect with nature, and your partner. We invite different food trucks to join us providing dinner and drinks to eat at our outdoor, socially distanced picnic tables. Think candles, flowers, table cloths. We end with a bonfire. Cuddle up with your sweetheart or your favorite Goat. Chat with new and old friends while discovering the serenity of our Bliss Farm at night. Buy 1 ticket for each couple. $50

 Price of food and drinks sold separately.

The Goat Experience: Do you have a Goat? We have tons of them! See what it's like to have a pet Goat. This is a 2 hour learning and playing experience. You will start by taking a Goat halter and lead rope and catch your furry friend. Yes, they walk on leads. Some better than others. You will learn all about handling, caring for, and keeping a Goat. What do they eat, what does runinant mean, How do you care for their feet, and so much more. Next, it's nature walk time. Farmer James will lead you all, including your Goats, on a walk outside the farm along the creek.  Our Goats love this. The second hour is all for you and your new best friend. Brush them, cuddle them, join in a game of musical yoga mats with your Goat. They love to play. Best of all bring your mat or rent one for $5 to try Goat Yoga. If chickens are your thing, good news. Farmer James will introduce you to chicken basics. What do they eat, how long does it take for an egg to turn into a chicken, and more. Dig for grubs in Farmer James worm garden and toss them to your new feathered friends. They are crazy for them. If you love Goats, Chickens, and farm life this is your experience. $50 for 9 years and older. $25 ADD ON for kids 8 or under with a participating student 14 years or older. In this case the child will share a goat with an older participant. They are listed as two separate services and should be purchased separately. Please check availability for both spots before booking.

Kids and Kids Playtime: This is for all you farm lovers who just love to stop by and say hi to your friends. Goat Mom Lani will be at the farm every week, Tuesdays from 9AM-12PM and Thursdays 2PM-5PM to greet you. Pet the Goats , feed the chickens, collect eggs, play with our pups, and don't forget our sand box and antique Tonka collection. $10 per person, book online or pay in person. Cash  credit card, or Venmo accepted. If you want a weekend, try our Goat Experience. It's playtime only pumped up!


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