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Our Yoga & Goat Classes

Class Descriptions

Baby Goat Yoga: This class is for all skill levels. Prior yoga experience is not necessary. Our little goats, LOVE Baby Goat Yoga! This is the Yang to our Yin! If FUN is what you need, and animals are one of your great loves, then Baby Goat Yoga is for you. Think a slow flow-Yin Yoga with crazy little athlete baby goats jumping all over you. Don't worry about the baby goats, its their favorite thing to do. This is a natural behavior encouraged by praise and treats. Please note, no baby goats are forced or required to participate. They want to play Baby Goat Yoga and do so by choice. Your safety and that of our furry kids are our priority. Please wear clothing that covers your back and shoulders. Bring your own yoga mat or rent one of ours for $5.  Smiles Guaranteed!

Date Night Yin-Yoga: We all need some Date Night Fun! Couples of all kinds, romantic, friends, family, any type of couples are welcome. We work together learning to rely on our partner to move through these poses using counter balance and the weight of our bodies. This is not a super challenging class, but it's a lot of fun. Take a moment to quiet your mind, stretch your body,  connect with nature, and your partner. Bring your own drinks. We end with a bonfire. Cuddle up with your sweetheart. Chat with new and old friends while discovering the serenity and bliss of our farm at night.

Buy 1 ticket for each couple. $70

Yin Yoga: Find your morning BLISS! 

Try Yin Yoga on the Farm. 9:00AM every Sunday morning or Wednesday mornings at 9:30AM with Lani.  We will guide you through a deep, slow, meditative, Yin Yoga class with our cuddling Goats. Slow down and breathe... while enjoying Yoga on our gorgeous and peaceful farm yard. Don't worry, Yoga blankets provided for cleanliness. The morning air, birds flying above, roosters crowing, goats bahhing, butterflies, and just morning magic will set you up for a blissful day!


The Goat Walk: Do you have a goat? We have tons of them! See what it's like to walk a pet goat. This is a 30 minute walk with our herd. Our older goats love to get out to run and play. Take them up our trail to explore and exercise. While walking, learn stories from the farm and tons of Goat Facts. Playtime is included with this service. Stay and brush, cuddle and get to know all our goats until we close. Enjoy all the fun our little Bliss farm has to offer for a great get-to-know-a-goat experience.

Kids and Kids Playtime: This is for all you farm lovers who just love to stop by and say hi to your Goat and Baby Goat friends. We are open for playtime:

Tuesdays & Fridays 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Saturday & Sundays 9:00AM - 2:00PM

Watch the baby goats play, brush the goats , feed worms to the chickens, collect chicken eggs, play with our pups, ride the ziplines, go on the see-saws and don't forget our kids play area with lots of rocks and antique Tonka Trucks.
$15 per person, ages 2 and up. 1 and under are free. Pay in person when you arrive. 
Cash, credit card, or Venmo accepted. 



PLEASE NOTE! Wear a thick shirt that covers your back and shoulders!


Yoga Mats are available to rent for $5 or bring your own. You can pay for your mat with cash, credit card or Venmo on site.


To participate in outdoor Yin Yoga or Baby Goat Yoga, please print and sign our release form. While checking in, it is mandatory to read it and agree to our terms and conditions. Please note, minors who attend without a parent must arrive to the farm with the release form filled out and signed by a parent or guardian prior to participation.


Children's Birthday Parties: Enjoy the entire farm with up to 50  of your closest family and friends. You'll have full access to the Goats, Chickens, Ziplines, See-Saws, kids play area with Tonka Trucks and more! Bring in your own food & drinks. Our picnic tables seat 50 people comfortably (refreshments not provided). You will have 2 full hours of farm fun with 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to clean up. Want more exciting time on the farm? Additional hours on the farm can be accommodated or you can book a party add-on which gives 30 extra minutes to the party time doing a fun activity (see party page for details). 

Goat Yoga Party: 25 of your adventurous friends will join our crazy yoga goats for a 50 minute Goat Yoga Bliss Fest! Baby Goat Yoga is sooo much fun filled laughter that it will change your life! Share it with all your nearest and dearest for a discount and your own private class! Need Mats? Rent 25 yoga mats for $100. Our Picnic Area is available for an add on of $550 for 2 more farm hours. (3 total) Bring in light refreshments, drinks, and cake. 

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