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Goods and Goats Market
Corporate Events and Prices

Baby Goat Yoga:  Do your employees need to let off some steam? Baby Goat Yoga is a sure fire way to infuse some BLISS into their lives. For reasons only Mother Nature knows, Baby Goat Yoga heals the soul.  All events are designed to create team building, friendships, and fun for participants.
This corporate event includes 50 minutes of Yoga with our darling goats for up to 25 participants.

$650 with the option to rent Yoga Mats for your entire party for $50.
Baby Goat Yoga for 50 participants is $1200 with the option to rent Yoga Mats for your party for $100. 
For full service events please see our Event Services page


Team Building Add-Ons:

Windmill Challenge: This synergy building exercise has teams build garden windmill kits.

The team that correctly builds the kit the fastest wins.  $180 Per kit

Farm Scavenger Hunt: In this corporate event, teams work together to unravel the riddles and locate different unusual farm items. The team with the most found in the allotted time wins. $180

Please note: 
Goat Yoga is required for all corporate events. All other events are add-ons. We do not give refunds. All events will be rescheduled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.
Call 949-212-4357 or email
for more information.

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