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Goat Yoga Photo Competition! 🐐📸

Hello Gogies! We are hosting our Winter Goat Yoga Photo Competition. All you have to do is take a photo at one of our Goat Yoga classes and send it to us. Creativity, cuteness, and goofiness are highly valued! We will choose 3 winners, who will each receive a FREE Goat Yoga class!

Gogies have been taking amazing pictures at our classes for a long time. If you want some creative inspiration, check out our tagged photos on our Instagram, @goodsandgoatsmarket.

We will be accepting photo submissions via Instagram Tags, Instagram DMs, and Emails. (Make sure you include Goat Yoga Photo Comp as your heading for email!) We are taking submissions from now until December 31st, so start planning! Winners will be decided by January 5th. We look forward to seeing some adorable, awesome Goat Yoga pics! We wish the best to everyone, #Baamaste

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