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Things I've learned from my goats...

Raising furry kids is a lot like raising human kids. They need love to flourish. Now that my herd is growing so big, we need more goats for Goat Yoga. I need extra people to give extra love! All of our best ideas come from Farmer James while in the shower. Ha, ha, It's the place where his imagination has time to expand. This is where the Goat Experience was born. Our grown goats need love, you all want to give it to them. Yippee, Lets create a super fun Goat Experience! After sign in you will receive a halter and lead rope for your goat. Next you pick, catch, and walk your goat into the class area. This will take some working together with your other class mates. Farmer James will then give you all kinds of interesting and important facts about goats. You will be provided with brushes, hoove picks and the like to care for your furry friend. Our Goats love to leave the farm and take walks along the creek on our back road. So out you go with all your classmates, goats, and Farmer James. Do you and your Goat want to play a game? How about musical mats? It's just like musical chairs only with Yoga Mats. Finish your experience by spending the next hour doing some personal Goat Yoga with your Goat. (teachers not provided this is just you and your goat) You can end your visit by purchasing a paint-birdhouse kit to get your art on in the ZEN Garden. Lots of Chicken fun is included as well. If you want to find out what it takes to own and care for a farm animal, well without having to actually buy one this is your class. We are so excited to provide an up close and personal experience for all our farm lovers. We can't wait to see you all at our first class January 23, 2021 at 10:30AM. Come see why we love our Goats so very much. Enjoy this video of my darling Grandson Jones enjoying his friends and the farm.

Warmly, Goat Mom Lani

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