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Goat Guide to Bliss!

Updated: Sep 1

Welcome Goagies! A Goagie is a Goat Yoga Lover. I am Lani Jones, Mother of Goats and owner of Goods and Goats Market. In my 54 years I have been solid in the Goat Lover column. Goats are empathetic, curious, adventure seekers, and just plain sweet. As a ranch kid, Horses were business, cows counted as food, dogs for working, so that left my pet Goats and Pony Prince as my forever friends. The bond between child and animals is strong. I spent my afternoons training my goats to do tricks, running thru the pastures on my pony with Baaahhhh Baaaahhhh and Pricilla Pygmy running g behind us. I am so full of gratitude to be able to share this love and friendship with everyone who visits us at Goods and Goats Market. Baaaahhhhhmaste...

Why Goat Yoga?

After my first summer of Goat Yoga I did some research. I was trying to figure out why it made us all happy. The most obvious component I found was laughter! Doing yoga with baby goats is hilarious. Laughing releases endorphins and endorphins make people happy. Clearly Yoga is calming to both body and soul. I know that from practicing Yoga my entire adult life. The combination of Goats and Yoga showed its self to be undeniably BLISS MAGIC. The final factor has to be my personal Goats. They are species confused for certain. I don;'t know if they think we are goats or they are human. I do know they don't acknowledge a big difference between us all. My goats are truly in LOVE with people. Myself and everyone who works here, show complete and total love for them. This creates incredible bonds between goats and humans. The Goats seek human interaction and love from each person they meet. No food needed, just you.

What do you think?

I want to end by asking your opinions. How has Goat Yoga made you feel incredible? Share your favorite Goat Pictures and stories. If you haven't tried one of our classes, Please Sign Up! You won't regret it.

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