Meet the Spring 2021

Baby Goat Yoga Team

Join Our Incredible Yoga Teachers and, at least 14 Tiny, Baby Goats in each Class!

Kids and Kids of All Ages Playtime Petting Zoo
Stop by and play anytime between the following hours:
Tuesdays 9 - 12
Thursdays 2 - 5
Friday 9-12

Saturdays 11:00 - 2 
Sundays 12:00 - 2
Farm closes at 3
$10 per person 2 years of age and older.
Come by the farm and enjoy it's beauty and charm. Cuddle, brush, and sit with the Baby Goats. Watch and feed the Chickens. Don't forget my Puppies, Indigo Blue and Tuffy Tufferton. They can't wait to greet and play with you.
Kids can play in the sand box with our Tonka Truck Collection and ride our old fashion seesaw. Bird House Paint Kits are a must. Zen Awaits!



Date Night Couples Yin Yoga

Friday June 11, 2021 taught by Peter Lin or Lani Jones. 

Try the connection and fun Couples Yin Yoga encourages. Work together as a pair to restore and relax your bodies, give each other massages, and gain stretch and strength. Next we have a garden fresh and complimentary snack.  Eat at a romantically set table out on the farm under candle light. We end the night enjoying making new friends around a bonfire. This class is $50 for two participants. Please buy one ticket for each couple.


Don't miss our New Class. The GOAT EXPERIENCE, taught by farmer James. 

Every participant over 8 years will receive their own personal goat! This is a wonderful opportunity to feel what its like to have your very own, Goat...the best farm animal of them all!  For 1 hour you will learn all about how to care for your goat. What do they eat? What is a ruminant?

There are so many things to learn. They love to be brushed and played with.  We will play games, think musical chairs with a goat! Take your goat on a walk around the farm , and best of all you will have an entire second hour of free time with your new goat friend. A total of 2 hours of goat play. This is such a fun class for kids of all ages. Are you 8 or under? Don't worry! All you need is someone 14 and older to be your partner. $50 for the first person 14 or older and an additional $35 for the child. You must buy both services separately. One for the 14 and older participant and a child add on service for the second. You will share a baby goat. Find these services under the "Goat Yoga and Events" tab. 


Want to enjoy the serenity of the farm after class? Good news, we have a Zen Garden. Sit and paint a birdhouse kit while your mind relaxes and your body unwinds. Have small children? We love kids. They can play with our antique Tonka trucks and sand pile while you relax.





We now have a blog!

You can read about important Goods and Goats Market news and fun stories there. 

Goods And Goats Market

Goat Yoga

Welcome to Goods and Goat Market. We are a quaint goat farm located in San Juan Capistrano. We specialize in Goat Yoga but have lots of other classes and events to offer! Our other options include Date Nights, The Goat Experience, Baby Goat Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kids and Kids Playtime (petting zoo), Private Parties,

Corporate Events and much more.

We also have the G G Soap Shop, offering

non-certified organic goat milk soaps, 

bath products, plants, and beautiful home decor. 

 If you want a day full of fun, to try new adventures, or just get perfect Instagram pictures, look no further.


Sign Up For Goat Yoga, The Goat Experience, & Other Classes under the GOAT YOGA and EVENTS tab


See What Others have to Say About Their

 Goat Yoga Experience In San Juan Capistrano

"I love yoga but with goats?! EVEN BETTER! I had such an awesome time at Goods and Goats Market. The goats were such snuggle muffins and added a great additional challenge!"

- @voorslight on Instagram

"I didn't know I needed baby goat yoga until now. All I have to say is baaaa maaaste!"

- Mackenzie

"Didn't know I needed a goat hug until today"

- Adla

"New challenge for your yoga practice: add in a cute wiggly goat who wants to nibble your fingers and clothing"

- Jay

We are thrilled to resume welcoming guests to our farm for all our services, including goat yoga.


We are taking rigorous precautions to ensure the health and safety of our community, including:

  • Requiring staff to wear masks at all times

  • Asking guests to wear masks when moving about the farm

  • Ensuring guests are physically distanced

  • Thoroughly sanitizing between classes


View our up-to-date schedule of classes now!



Goods and Goats Market is a goat yoga farm located in charming San Juan Capistrano, California. In our signature goat yoga classes, guests get up close and personal with our friendly, fun-loving goats. You’ll be smiling from ear to ear as goats climb on your back in downward dog, and trot through your legs in warrior. Try goat yoga for yourself in one of our classes offered every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. 
Want to learn more about Goods and Goat Market? Click below!


Contact Us

29458 Trabuco Creek Road

San JuanCapistrano, CA. 92675

Lani for GG Soaps and Goods and Goats Market

(949) 212-4357

For Yoga Studios, Parties, Corporate Events, and Event Concierge contact 

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Baby Goats

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